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Summer in Sorrento means waking to the sounds of birds and the fragrance of flowers, choosing a beach and becoming immersed in the clear, limpid water of the sea.

In the nearby districts of Marina Grande and Marina di Puolo, there are public beaches as well as modern beach equipment for rent, with restaurants and cafés in the area.  Below the Villa Communale, “ninfei” and ancient fishing spots surround  the comfortable beach establishments of St. Francis’ beach, where, between dips in the ocean, one can enjoy a snack. 

At Capo di Sorrento, at Bagno della Regina Giovanna, the waves break over the ruins of a Roman villa.  In summer, at sunset, a strange beauty surrounds this spot, made up of wonder and sadness as the sky is filled with soft colors reflected in the sparkling sea.

In a boat which can be hired at Marina di Cassano (Piano de Sorrento) or, in Sorrento, at Porto di Marina Piccola, or else at Marina Grande, one can skirt the coast and gain a totally different perspective of the town, skimming over the “ninfei” and the fishing spots along the jagged coastline, which alternates between limestone and porous rocks.